Blog Entry # 001: “3 Thing Rule”


Every person living on planet earth, in my opinion, should have the “3 thing Rule”. What are you talking about Stix? Well the three thing rule is when you choose 3 causes in life to either raise awareness for, contribute to, or support. Everybody “I FEEL” in some fashion want to help or produce a love-generating gesture towards humanity. I would never tell anyone what you should do, but I will say what I think you can do with your life.

The 3 I chose are first, helping ex-offenders find job placement, second, teaching the importance of afterlife planning in forms or Life Insurance or IRA’s etc…, Lastly, giving away scholarships to inner-city students who cant afford to go to school. Where I grew up, Watts, Ca, the lack of education on these were 3 topics plagued the residents widely. The deeply rooted conditioning of not shinning the importance of these factors not only harmed black residents in my area but Latinos as well.

In conclusion, if we don’t help each other succeed not with just finance but with education, then how will we rise above the lower class ceiling that seems impossible to break through. These topics aren’t being taught in schools on how to obtain, overcome, or achieve. Wherever there is a void, there is an idea or a person who can help eliminate the problem. So tell me, what 3 things would you like to contribute to society? What 3 people will remember you when you’re gone?

#Thinkwatts – STIX

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  1. Great blog. Three things: I donate to Fresh Lifelines for Youth, an organization that intervenes with kids arrested for the first time and mentors them so they can get through high school and college and not get messed up with the criminal justice system. Most of their “graduates” are the first people in their family to get to college and find good jobs. I also promote music and music education ( And, donate to Learning to Read an organization that builds libraries in the third world.

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