Blog Entry: 002 “The Fear of Fearing”

This morning on the way home from dropping my son off at school, I received a phone call from my wife at about 8:20 am of some time around then. My wife asked, “You ever think about how we will be financially at retirement age? Will we be living month to month still and continue to work while we are in our declining age, or will we be comfortable and not have to think about it? How do we or what do we do to make sure we not stressing while we are in our later years?” I replied, “I think there is only one option, succeed.” She then said, “Ok, so whats the plan?” My wife remains the realist of us two while I’m more times than most are dreaming and hustling for the big payday. My reply to her was, “The plan is succeeding.”

I know that sounds a bit crazy but dreaming is crazy. Creativity is insane; doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. My wife and I are both hustlers and willing to do whatever it takes to not only survive but succeed as well. The question I have is about the term fear. Is fearing, not being able to achieve your dreams and aspirations a hindrance? We both have no plans to lose at life being that we have mouths to feed, but because sometimes we question if our goals don’t plan out, what will become of us? What will our kids think of us? Is that questioning a form of fear? I have no answers to that but I believe that fear will hold you back from giving your balls deep all. It is important to be real about life’s obstacles and one must evaluate and overcome strategically; however, one must also never stop dreaming. The moment we lose sight of that dream, the stress from everyday’s reality might consume us and submerge us into the bottomless pit of depression.

The moral of my entry, succeed by any means necessary. Succeed together, never alone. Support each other and when times get tough and FEAR kicks in, let your energy, words, and love eliminate any doubts that what you both will become, will be special and THE NOW is only a testament to your will; the NOW is only a page in your history books. SUCCEED

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