Blog Entry: 003 “Dont Forget to Speak”

Often in business, especially when representing yourself, you tend to hold back on conversations that you feel will end that particular relationship. Honestly, the first thing you should realize and understand that you are here to be used and taken advantage of. A timid communicator is an immediate route to destruction. Well, not forever, unless you never change that trait about yourself. The reality is, everyone will take advantage of you as long as you let them. When terms start being presented and you have the floor to negotiate or accept, never hesitate to negotiate something that looks or sounds unfair. If you accept any and everything that is presented you will be upset in the long run. Moreover, if you are already offering your creative services to someone and no business has been discussed, this could be a good thing or a terrible outcome waiting to happen. One side of the coin is that if the person uses your idea and you have the rights to that idea, and the person takes that idea and turns it into a million dollar enterprise, get ready to get your broker and accountant on the phone its time to cash out. However, if that person becomes successful and you don’t have the proper representation or litigation professionals, get ready to lose a ton of sleep.

Long story short, be prepared to be used and taken advantage of, but before they finish using you, make sure you negotiate how much they use you and how much its going to cost for them to use you because using you ain’t cheap! Don’t wait until after, don’t ever think its the wrong time to talk about it, and don’t think it will work itself out because it will never work itself out. You must stand up and fight for your worth, but professionally spoken, you much speak and articulate what you want and how you want it.

Peace and Love,


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